Everyone’s concern: at the heart of our operations

Occupational Health & Safety is priority for Kolos Cement; we believe that promoting safety culture in our enterprise contributes firmly to workers wellness and welfare throughout their employment and even afterwards. We are also dedicated to preserve the lives contractors and all those who may be affected by our activity.

The first safety best practice identified, and one which is essential to any good safety program, is a management commitment to safety. No company can have a successful safety program if the management of that company is not committed to the concept of a safe workplace. Every company has an obligation to ensure, as much as possible, the safety of its employees. Management's commitment to safety can manifest itself in many different ways.

Here in Kolos, Safety First is our slogan and is headed by management and full commitment is engaged. Before any contract is allocated to contractors, safety consideration are categorised as fundamental factors. We also do invest a lot in safety training; our official trainers are Apave & ISOI.

Whenever there is a new recruit/Contractor at Kolos, it is mandatory that they go through safety induction by the OH&S officer to have a better understanding of our safety exigency.

Behind every safety static is a person,and behind every person a family

Thereof, at Kolos we are determined to be in line with Mauritian Law and we are safe keeping our safety culture and international standard derived from Holcim Group. Road Safety awareness and Fatality Prevention Element (FPE) is inherited from Holcim which shall always be part of our Kolos Cement.

Guidelines on FPE (Fatality Prevention Element)

FFE involves advanced variation of requirements for dangerous activities. Frequency of lost time accidents rate (LTIFR) continues to decline but it nevertheless noted an increase in the number of fatal accidents.
The OH & S strategy has been redefined by setting as a priority the implementation of FPE Guidelines (Fatality Prevention Elements).

This implies:

  • To identify and understand the potential and the causes of fatal accidents
  • Establishing requirements for the management of hazardous activities
  • To monitor and control our processes in order to prevent serious and fatal accidents
  • To succeed, we must include our own staff and our service providers and contractors

Contractor Safety Management

Contractor Safety Management is a detailed requirement designed to support each operation to reduce the potential for fatal incidents involving contractors. In this respect the implementation of the Contractor Safety Management Directive strengthens the application of the Kolos Cement Ltd for Procurement and Hazardous Work Activities.

The Contractor Safety Management is used by Contractors who undertake work on behalf of kolos Cement Ltd staff. The hazards are thus:

  • Identified and understood by both Kolos Cement Ltd Staff and the contractor
  • Correctly controlled and monitored by both the contractor and Kolos Cement Ltd staff.

The Purpose of this Recommendation Supplement is to provide a recommendation which identifies the activities per CSMD Roles and Functional Responsibilities with the intention to support guide and facilitate those roles when implementing and actioning the requirements of the CSMD.