Bâtir Agir

Building an inclusive society for all is the key to unlock the potential of a country. Following this mind-set, Kolos created Bâtir Agir Foundation as part of its CSR practices to go beyond their walls and use their influence to advocate for global solutions concerning issues like Environment, Education, Health and Safety among others.

Equipping the youth with skills for better jobs

Today, education is considered as one of the building blocks of every society, thus forming part of our CSR roadmap each year. However, education in ZEP schools are facing rising challenges such as tight budgets, teacher retention and technological access. Providing special assistance to these demands is an opportunity to support education in a win-win situation that benefits everyone.

After School Classes

Since 2013, Kolos has been investing in ‘After School Classes’ for grades V and VI at La Briquetterie Primary School at Sainte Croix, with a view to empower those children in their educational path and providing an avenue for higher education. Kolos firmly believes that all the initiatives being undertaken in this respect to support the less privileged pupils, have been successful throughout those five years and being a company who will continue the march towards sustainable production, we encourage the pupils to achieve their personal & professional goals.

École des Maçons: Training for a better future

Run in partnership with the MITD, École des Macons was established by Kolos’ Bâtir Agir Foundation to remedy for the high rate of unemployment prevailing in Mauritius. As a recognised qualification is essential when looking for employment, École des Macons shall craft its students into recruiter’s best talents pick. Since 2013, the course has been running successfully both in Mauritius and Rodrigues with 300 trained for their future.

Fighting water scarcity

Water is the new gold! In today’s era, important water conservation efforts are vital to ensuring the availability of clean water for sustaining future generations to come. To reach out to the public on water shortage issues, Kolos with the collaboration of Lunanim Ltd is working on a video to sensitise people on the importance of water conservation.

Forest rehabilitation

Throughout the years we have gradually lost our primary forest with the rapid rise of urbanisation and industrialisation. In an attempt to reverse the trend and mitigate the impacts of deforestation, Kolos has committed to the Project “Creating a native green space at the Citadel of Port Louis”.

Promoting safety on roads

In light of the relatively high number of road accidents in Mauritius, with high death toll and collateral injuries especially among young people, Kolos is engaged to raise awareness on Road Safety which has become a national priority since 2011. Kolos has also strengthened its preventive measures after several awareness campaigns on road safety among heavyweights; in particular overload control in order to ensure that trucks do not exceed their limit.

The goal of Kolos is to further help ensure that every road user is informed of risks at hand and is encouraged to act responsibly, by taking all precautionary and defensive driving measures possible when leaving home in the morning so that each road user may return home safely to their families at the end of the day.

Because giving back is very important for the company, Kolos commits to provide a sound foundation for society’s future. We believe that we have a responsibility to make the world a better place as such, we try to give and help whenever we can.