The Company

Kolos came to life two decades ago, when some Mauritian entrepreneurs decided to build and operate a second cement import terminal in the country which, at that time was mainly dominated by an international brand.

Today, thanks to a passionate, innovative and committed team, Kolos supplies cement to most of the large and medium construction companies as well as to a multitude mix sized hardware stores scattered over the island.

We have Passion
Demonstrating Strong Commitment

In today’s competitive environment, passion is the key to success. Our passion inspires us to move past challenges and create opportunities for customer satisfaction.

We Innovate
Providing creative solutions

As customer satisfaction remains at the core of our business, we favor tailor-made solutions to our clients’ expectations and offer technical assistance to our partners.

We work towards Excellence
Rising above Expectations

Excellence is not only a matter of performance but also a matter of employee welfare and safety at work. At Kolos, Safety is our number one priority. We not only have a tradition of safety at work but we strongly encourage our employees to carry this mindset beyond the workplace into their homes and communities.

We act with Integrity
Leading through our Actions

Kolos is based on good governance. Our business ethics provides a common framework for all employees. Integrity and honesty of every employee are values that are required and recognised by the company. 

We believe diligence and reliability should be the basis of all businesses. Trust and integrity are inextricably connected and we strive to foster trusting relationships with our customers, stakeholders and employees. At Kolos, we have constructed a working environment where communication and transparency are enforced in our daily activities.

We strive for Sustainability
Caring for our future generations

In the context of today’s modern society, our communities are grappling with challenges that are not only local but also global in scope and structurally multifaceted —poverty, unemployment or climate change impacts to cite a few are undermining the quality of life of numerous Mauritians and pose a threat to the next generation.

At Kolos, we firmly believe in corporate citizenship and have developed throughout the years a strong sense of responsibility towards the community. We are engaged in various actions, notably in capacity building and empowerment of the workforce. We strongly embrace environmental conservation as a philosophy and have contributed to one of the only reforestation programs running in the island.