Human Resources

Personal and Professional Development

At Kolos, we focus on development of professional and personal skills, in a workplace that encourages teamwork, cooperation and recognizes achievement.

Since training and learning are an ongoing part of our corporate culture, a broad training and professional development program is designed to encourage creativity, initiative and leadership.

We invest in personal and professional development for each of our employee. Regular, open discussions and evaluations through its Performance Management System are used to measure progress, meet targets, and identify new challenges.

We believe training and development build job satisfaction and enthusiasm. Any employee who wishes to stretch his or her skills and leadership abilities will find opportunities to grow with us.

At Kolos, you will have the opportunity to...

Make a difference
Grow and develop

If you're interested in exploring employment opportunities at Kolos, resumes can be submitted online.

How to apply?

Normally this process should take 6-8 weeks from the application to the final selection. However, the time frame is highly variable depending on the single search situation. We will keep the candidate informed during the selection process. Please see the steps below.



Finding an open position

You can find the currently open positions here. Please review the list and select the position.

Submitting your resume

First, make sure you are qualified for the position by reviewing the qualifications necessary for that specific opportunity. If your qualifications match, please submit your application online through this website.

When you submit your application, you will get an automatic e-mail to ensure we correctly received your information. After the review of the application, the HR department will provide feedback by phone or e-mail as part of the recruiting process.

Thank you for your interest in a career at Kolos!