Quality and Environment

Sustainable Development

To build the path towards sustainability

In an ever shrinking world, where the impacts of one’s activities have high likelihood of unsuspected inter and transboundary effects, and where the too far gone degradation of our natural resources have now reached the potential to harm the full enjoyment of human rights, it is now consensus that one cannot dissociate human, economic and environmental welfare from each other.

Climate change, the greatest environmental challenge if this century, requires our full attention and implication. In 2008 alone, 20 million people were already estimated to have been displaced by climate-induced sudden-onset natural disasters. Still today entire populations, are by plagued with increased vulnerability to food insecurity, ill-health and unsustainable livelihoods due to extreme drought or rains. Others increasingly threatened by the impacts climate change and expanding economic disparities are cut short of their right to property, to shelter and housing, or to work and equity.

As part of the industry of cement manufacturing, we are in the limelight for the implementation of the “green change”. We the fortunate front liners of tomorrow’s mega projects, having the challenging role to bring about leadership and corporate responsibility in the industry.

At Kolos cement Ltd., we have engaged ourselves in the challenge by maintaining a governance structure that explicitly and directly take into account our environmental and social performance, in addition to financial performance.

Sustainability is a cascading responsibility, present all along the supply chain and reflected in active processes of engagement and perpetual monitoring of results. It is present in our choice of suppliers, in the design of new products with alternative raw materials that are less damaging on the environment, in our culture of workforce empowerment through capacity building and in the enforcement of security at work.

We believe in corporate citizenship, whereby through our passion, we will drive the culture of responsible business required to cement tomorrow’s dream of a “sustainable Mauritius” into today’s realm.

Environmental Performance

At Kolos, we have at heart the preservation of our environment. We are certified ISO 14001 and have implemented an environmental management plan based on a yearly environmental risks analysis. We regularly monitor environmental indicators such as emissions concentrations, Noise Level and effluent quality.

Being in an industry generating dust emissions, we have implemented preventive health and safety measures to protect our employees and other Port Users. While the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment is obligatory for certain tasks, we also work on reducing our emissions at source.

We have invested in a hydrocarbon separator on site which ensures that oil and grease are trapped before release in the drains. We conform to national legislations and care for the preservation of marine ecosystems.

To ensure efficiency of our systems we have also set up a series of performance indicators on our water and energy consumptions on site.

Sustainable Waste Management

In line, with the national objectives of reducing plastic wastes, we have implemented a Solid Waste Management Strategy on site based on the 3R’s : Reducing, reusing and recycling.

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